- the only truly international trapeze single hander, sailed and enjoyed
by men and women of every age
and ability.

Why?  Because the contender is fast, refreshingly straightforward to set up, great fun and has a fantastic world wide competition circuit.

How hard is it to sail?  That depends how good you want to be!  While our international champions may spend hour after hour on the water perfecting their technique, basic boat handling can be mastered with just a day’s determined practice, making the contender very accessible to any competent small boat sailor.

This site has everything you need to know to get the most from your contender, including go fast set up, training tips and where to race.  Have a look around, drop by often and if you have any questions please be in touch.

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World Champions

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Andrea Bonezzi - ITA 11
age: 40, height: 1m72
Sails with a 2003 Bonezzi hull, boom, centreboard and rudder, Avantgarde mast and Wavelength sail.
Jacqueline Rüfenacht - SUI 82
age: 32, height: 1m74,
weight about 63kg
Sails with a 1984 Bonezzi hull, Avantgarde rig and Rico sail.

Graham Scott - GBR 720
age: 53
height: 1m82, weight 82kg
Sails with a 2006 Bonezzi hull,  Wavelength rig and Wavelength sail.

Alex Gröhlich - GER 1789